Reconfigurable Soft Grippers

Our soft grippers have adjustable gripping space and pose, making them an all-in-one gripping solution to handle a diverse range of products of various shapes and sizes. Just one gripper will be enough to grip different types of products.

We have developed a few types of reconfigurable grippers – GourmetGrip for food-safe manipulation, UnisoGrip for Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) picking, and Glassware Gripper for handling different types of glasswares. See demo videos here.

GourmetGrip UnisoGrip
 For food packing and assembling For consumer goods packing 
Agri-Harvesting Solutions
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VacuGrasp Suction  Gripper (NEW!)
 For handling bottles For Palletizing and Depalletizing
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Fabricated with 3D printing technologies, our grippers and finger designs can be further customized and optimized for specific gripping requirements.

The customized gripping solutions can also be used in various sectors such as pill picking and packing packaged foods into boxes or plastic bags for export, etc.

Benchmarking tests have been conducted to compare the grippers with other commercially available grippers. The results showed that our grippers can provide a 22% increase in gripping efficiency. Moreover, compared to using multiple grippers and tool changers to handle different products, the one-fits-all grippers can help users to save the operating cost by up to 36%. Reconfigurable grippers also provide 100% gripping adaptability with its universal gripping function, which is a feature absent in most of commercially available grippers.