Flexible 3D-Printing on Demand

We can help to 3D-print designs with soft materials

Food and Consumer Goods Picking

See how technological developments unfold through robotic systems with soft touching capabilities for food and consumer goods handling

Process Automation

One-stop intelligent gripping solutions to automate your production lines, by providing a full package that includes the robotic arm, the end-effector, and the computer vision system.

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Design Your Own Soft Finger

We will fabricate the gripper according to what you have designed.

Click here to select your gripper and finger requirements.

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Upload Your CAD Design

We will 3D-print the design that you have uploaded

Click here to select your printing requirements and upload your print-ready CAD.

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Let Us Design

We will help to design your finger according to your requirements

Click here to drop us an enquiry email to let us know your requirements.

Our New Product

A soft robotic gripper with 4 suction cups designed for palletizing and depalletizing or picking pouched and boxed products with different sizes.

Why RoPlus?

Soft Gripping • 3D Vision

One-stop Reconfigurable Gripping Solutions

Discover gripping solutions that are reconfigurable to handle a wide range of products with just one single gripper.


Being highly customizable, our unique patented hybrid finger actuator can be fashioned according to your specific gripping requirements.

Intelligent Solution
with 3D Vision

Our approach can be integrated with computer vision to automate pick-and-place operations in the modern manufacturing environment.

% increase in gripping efficiency
% reduction in operating costs
% or higher success rate

Explore Our Products


Soft Actuator &
Soft 3D-Printing Service


Soft Grippers for
Various Applications


Computer Vision Systems for Automated Picking

Automated Fryer Station

Our computer vision system helps to automate this fryer station, and enables it to be fully autonomous without the need of human operators.

Reconfigurable Suction Gripper (Xenith-5.1) for Palletizing

Xenith-5.1 (along with its brother Xenith-5.2) are specially designed for picking pouches and carton boxes with various shapes and sizes.

Fruit Platter Assembling by VG-3

Our VG-3 was designed for goods and food items picking and packing, with the ability to handle delicate and soft items.

Chicken Wings Picking with Computer Vision

Our in-house computer vision system is able to detect the location and orientation of different products, enabling fully automated picking processes.

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